Has your computer slowed down and started to behave erratically?


The chances are that your operating system (both MS Windows and Mac OS X) has degraded over the time that you have been using it.


Like anything else, computers need regular maintenance - not the hardware, but the software - and there are basic procedures that need to be performed on a regular basis (we will advise you on how to perform this yourself) to bring it back to its optimum performance.


The process does not take long - no more than one hour - and can prove to be invaluable, both for restorative and also preventative reasons.


Apart from performing this, we can also check your hardware and advise if there are any maintenance procedures or upgrades that can be made to speed your computer up.


Most commonly, this involves increasing the amount of memory (RAM) that is installed on your computer. For either Laptops or desktops, this can dramatically increase the speed of your computer and is a relatively cheap and trivial task to perform (click on the Upgrades link on the Quicklinks panel to the left for further information).