Web sites

These are some of the web sites designed and built by NJBradley.net Click on the screen shots of the web pages to view them on-line (not all the sites are active, but they are still stored on my own servers).

All sites are CSS3 and HTML4 compliant. The majority are based on a "liquid" layout, which enables page re-sizing within a browser.


fusionland www.frockchicks.com
Personal shoppers, wardrobe-busters and clothes stylists. Frockchicks are two lively entrepreneurs who wanted a light-hearted, easy-to navigate site that would target ladies in the Kingston-upon-Thames and surrounding areas.
fusionland fusionland frockchicks www.fusionland.co.uk
This site was built for a property developer, who wanted a mimimalist "business card" web site.
era era www.esher-residents.com
The Esher Residents Association wanted a site that gave the maximum amount of local news in a way that was pleasing to the eye and was easy to navigate.
nrhcoaching nrhcoaching www.nrhcoaching.com
dba www.davidbramleyassociates.com
ptf ptf www.pathwaytofranchising.co.uk
omnicyte omnicyte www.omnicyte.co.uk
Omnicyte Ltd is a biotechnology company whose interest is in stem cells and their use in therapy. This is a straight Scientific web site that details the science of stem cells and Omnicyte's approach to them.
NJBradley designed the logo and banner, along with the rest of the site.
This site is an archived version, since Omnicyte has moved on and it is nwo redundant to their purposes.
innocent innocent www.innocentsurfschool.com